high transparent and accuracy level bubble / China Level Measuring Instruments for sale

ITEM NO DL1L2L3YJ-SL05135.013.053.0 YJ-SL0614 YJ-SL6618 6.618.06/94.0YJ-SL07216.721.096.5YJ-SL07276.726.396.5YJ-SL08228.022.096.5YJ-SL08258.025.0107.5YJ-SL08318.031.0118.5YJ-SL06206.020.064YJ-SL09329.032.01310.5YJ-SL95259.5

Price:US $ 0.03 - 0.08 / Piece
Jinhua Yijia Tools Co., Ltd.

high accuracy Push Pull Meter HZ-2606 / China Force Measuring Instruments for sale

Push Pull Meter   Equipment discription: High Resolution: 1 / 200 scale plate legible. • Compact body: the body, light weight, one-handed operation is very flexible. • Precision: precision is 0.5% of full scale. • Specificati

Dongguan Lixian Instrument Scientific Co., Ltd.

dual axes digital display inclinometer sensor best accuracy 0.003 / China Level Measuring Instruments for sale

  Dual axes digital inclinometer sensor with high accuracy   DMI800 is a industry grade dual axis digital inclinometer(digital protractor, digital level) with high accuracy,At present, There’s only one which accuracy up to 0.0

Shenzhen Rion Technology Co., Ltd.

Topcon GPT-7505 5" Accuracy Reflectorless Total Station / Indonesia Other Electronic Measuring Instruments for sale

Topcon GPT-7505 5" Accuracy 3000M Reflectorless Total Station are the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology available for the professional surveyor. Powerful? How about its 400MHz Intel processor running Windows CE, or the unprecedented 2000

PT. Putu Jaya

High Accuracy Transmitter / Taiwan Level Measuring Instruments for sale

Applications:Oil tanks, acids, water, waste water treatment controlled equipment, automatic controller, environmental controlled equipment. Features:The environment is not influenced by temperature or pressure changes! Magnetic float level transmitter is

Yi-jiue Co., Ltd.

Accuracy Digital Torque tester (torque meter, toque tester) / China Other Measuring & Analysing Instruments for sale

Accuracy Digital Torque tester  (torque meter) Features and specifications: 1) Small volume 2) Convenient operation 3) Accuracy 0.5% 4) A necessary tool for electric screw driver control 5) Can perform the daily inspection and test on electric

Kilews Electric Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

High Accuracy Bomb Calorimeter / China Other Measuring & Analysing Instruments for sale


Price:US $1,000
Hunan Sundy Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd.