Activated Carbon-Water Treatment/Air Purification (Factory) / China Activated Carbon for sale

Activated Carbon -- Water Treatment/Air Purification Product Name:  activated carbon    1. nut activated carbon     2. wood activated carbon     3. coal activated carbon     4. bambo

Price:USD 800 / tonPrice ConditionF
Xuzhou Yizhengyuan Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd

Coal Based Extruded Activated Carbon for Air Purification / China Activated Carbon for sale

This product is made of anthracite coal through high temperature activation. It is of black extruded appearance, non-toxic and tasteless, with large pore structure. It is featured by strong adsorption ability and high wear-resistant performance. This pro

Derun Charcoal Carbon Co.,Ltd

Activated Carbon NaOH Impregnated for Acid Gases, Air Purification / Mexico Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Coconut Shell Mesh: 4X8, 4X10, 6X12, 8X14, 14X30 Iodine Number: 700 / 900 Moisture 15% CTC 60% H2S Break Through Capacity (g/cc) Minimum: 0.14 KOH or NaOH Impregnation (g/cc) Minimum: 3/5/6/8/10/12 Hardness: 95%   VAPACID activated carbon is m

Carbotecnia S.A. de C.V.

Extruded, Activated Carbon for air purification / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Extruded,Pellet, Coal Columnar Activated Carbon Selected and adopted fine anthracite as raw material, undergoing a series of strict processing and refining procedures,&nb

Price:US $ 449 - 3,820 / Ton
Gongyi City Xianke Water Supply Material Co., Ltd.

Professional supplier nut shell activated carbon for air purification / China Gas Disposal for sale

Nut shell  activated carbon Material : high-quality coconut,apricot,walnut shell,etc   Appearance : black,amorphous particles   Production process : carbonization,activation, having a complete set of finished product

Price:US $ 689 - 1,638 / Metric Ton
Gongyi City Yi Yang Water Treatment Material Co., Ltd.

Supply coal activated carbon used for air purification / China Water Treatment for sale

The detailed description: Activated carbon from coal for air purification has well-developed pores, chemical raw material gas used in chemical synthesis gas, the pharmaceutical industry with carbon dioxide gas and beverage gases hydrogen, nitrogen,

Price:US $ 750 - 900 / Ton
Gongyi City Xianke Water Supply Material Co., Ltd.


Xinhui Brand coalbased GRANULAR ACTIVATED CARBON  Products: Specifications Value Iodine Number 950--1150 mg/g Ash Content 5--18 % Moisture by Weight 5% (max) Hardness 90% (min) Screen Size b

Price:US $ 600 - 1,800 / Metric Ton
Shanxi Xinhui Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.

Bituminous Coal based Activated Carbon For Air Purification / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Activated carbon is porous carbon material.Due to its highly developed porous structure and huge specific surgacearea,activated carbon has very strong adsorption capacity. Its pores include micropores,mesopores and macropores of diameter<2nm,2-200n

Price:US $ 500 - 1,800 / Metric Ton
Shanxi Xinhui Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.

Chile's private water purification HTC 1.2-2.4mm Anthracite Activated carbon / China Air Fresheners for sale

Activated carbon   This serial activated carbon use core as raw materal, produced by specific process. This was made in the husk filter and the anthracite fliter by Procesing, Dehydration , Carbonization, Activation and so on .It is widely used in

Price:US $ 750 - 1,125 / Ton
Gongyi City Hongda Filter Factory