GTM-HRV012 Agricultural Fertilizer spreader gearbox / China Gearboxes for sale

     GTM-HRV012 Agricultural spreader gearbox   Typical Applications:        Saw benches       Belt saws       Fertilizer spreaders Specifi

Price:US $ 34 - 79 / Piece
Zhejiang Hongye Machinery Co., Ltd.

Agricultural fertilizer spreader gearbox / China Farm Machinery Parts for sale

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Multifunctional new type agricultural fertilizer spreader

agricultural fertilizer spreader
1. High efficiency
2. Easy to maintain
3.Uniform spread

Price:US $300 - 1,200 / Set
Zhengzhou Weier Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

agricultural gear box, agriculture gearbox, fertilizer spreader gearbox / China Farm Machinery Parts for sale

Gearboxes for agriculture machines from 8hp-30hp. More prodcuts, Please check our website. We produce agricultural gearbox, agriculture machine gearbox, farming machine gearbox. We produce Rotary tiller gearbox (Field mower gearbox, agricultural gearca

Price:US $ 10 - 50 / Piece
MARYDA Machinery Co., Ltd.

Agricultural Gearbox, fertilizer spreader gear box, power reaper gearbox / China Agriculture Machinery Parts for sale

RatioInput rotate speedRated inputhorse powerHPRated input powerKWRated output torqueN.Mweight115402316.929711.465402014.717.3711.845401712.511.6712.7854075.23.1712.165401410.38.2712.91540118.14.871.4615401611.82971.841540128.82872.16154096.62572.91154053

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