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Electronic Components Cleaning Agent / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

QiQiang fine chemical (HK) Certification : SGS    RoHS 16P TBBP-A SVHC PAHs MSDS OTHER    ISO9001 ISO 14001   AAA          product in

Qiqiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

solvent cleaning agent painting Methoxypropoxypropanol (DPM) / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

      1.  Flux material 2.  Solder paste material 3.  Organic Acid 4.  Organic Synthesis      Pls contract me any time If you interested.

Price:US $ 3,090 - 3,100 / Ton
Tianjin Okeyou International Trade Co., Ltd.

Gds 1. 8 Tm Jewelry Cleaning Powder / Malaysia Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

best price sales for product 10076 - Special Jewelry Cleaning Powder For The JW10 Professional and Home Jewelry Cleaning Machine Used by professionals to clean jewelry such as gemstones, and precious metals.


RO Membrane Cleaning & Fouling Chemicals / Pakistan Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Membrane Cleaning Even with all the preventative care given to a reverse osmosis system, some fouling of the membranes will take place. Cleaning of the membranes can improve membrane performance. All membranes lose their performance with time. One of

R.O.Tack water technology

Corrosion Inhibitor for Hydrochloric Acid Cleaning, Acid Inhibitor, HCL Inhibitor / Hong kong Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Corrosion Inhibitor for Hydrochloric Acid Cleaning (HCL cleaning)    Properties and Usage: This product is a kind of imidazoline corrosion inhibitor. When cleaning metal using hydrochloric acid, this product can effectively inhibit steel corr

Price:US $ 1 - 2 / Metric Ton
SDTH Water Treatment Co. LLC

Ensolv Cleaning Solvent / Indonesia Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Ensolv Precision Degreaser & Cleaning Solvent : Patended Stabilized n-propyl Bromide ( nPB ) solvent Cost effective Non FlammableNon CarcinogenicEnviromentally safeRecycleableCompatible with all metal and most type of polymer Ensolv Product Family :

PT. Alifindo Mitra Bersama

swimming pool cleaning equipment / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

swimming pool cleaning equipment     POWDER SOLUTION CAS:1327-41-9 TYPE 1: Spray drier type, white powder, very low water insoluble substance. Used for potable water treatment.  Item Spray dried process

Price:US $ 450 - 500 / Milligram
Gongyi Yuqing Water Purifying Materials Co., Ltd.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Chemical (SDIC) 56% 60% / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

                                   Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) 1Sodium Dich

Price:US $ 1,000 - 1,500 / Metric T
Shijiazhuang HGW Trade Co., Ltd.

Cleaning chemical for RO membrane system / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

  CLN751 membrane-specialized cleaning agent 1, Description CLN751 is a kind of alkaline cleaning agent specialized for RO and NF membrane, compounded with various surface active agent, chelating agent, alkaline auxiliary agent and membrane protec

Huzhou Ochem Chemical Co., Ltd.