Super green bio Organic fertilizer for flowering plants and golfcourse lawn specialized 100% Natural liquid Seaweed extracts / China Organic Fertilizer for sale

Natural liquid biological Seaweed Organic fertilizer "Power" for Flower and golfcourse lawn     Seaweed Extract fertilizer "Power" is a highly effective and high-activity bio organic fertilizer converging n

Price:US $ 6 - 15 / Kilogram
Dongyang Lianfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

liquid Bio-Organic Fertilizer / Vietnam Organic Fertilizer for sale

  Vedagro, also known as vinasses in Europe, is an organic fertilizer produced from cassava starch and sugar cane molasses by Vedan Vietnam Enterprise Corporation Limited through its modern microbiological fermentation technology.   The produ

Vedan (Vietnam) Enterprise Corp.,Ltd

New Liquid Bio Organic Fertilizer / Vietnam Organic Fertilizer for sale

BIO ORGANIC FERTILIZER-LIQUID 1. Brand name CMS Liquid, made mainly from Condensed Molasses Solubes (CMS) through fermentation process. 2. Specification: Very rich in Organic matter min 35%, Nitrogen min 5.2%, Phosphorus min 700g/kg, Potassium min

Vedan (Vietnam) Enterprise Corp.,Ltd

liquid bio organic fertilizer concentrated Biological fermented brown Algae/Seaweed extract for plants bulk foliar fertilizer / China Plant Food for sale

100% natural fermented brown Algae/Seaweed extract liquid bio organic fertilizer POWER   100% natural fermented Seaweed extract POWER is a perfect plant food of pure natural seaweed extract producted by two-phase fermentation. It co

Price:US $ 5 - 15 / Liter
Dongyang Lianfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

liquid bio organic fertilizer / China Biological Fertilizer for sale

C hina ’s well-known trademark PENSHIBAO   Accredited by ISO14001: International environmental management system certification     Accredited by ISO-9001: International quality management system certification   &nbs

Guangxi Beihai Penshibao Limited Liability Company

Liquid bio organic fertilizer buyers

Product Character: Dark Brown Liquid
It can be used as both root fertilizer and foliar fertilzer.

Price:US $2.05 - 2.45 / Liter
Qingdao Jingling Ocean Technology Co., Ltd.

Liquid Bio Fermented Sargassum seaweed extract organic fertilizer / China Organic Fertilizer for sale

Liquid Bio Fermented brown seaweed extract organic fertilizer"Power"     We are the leading manufacturer of 100% natural algae/seaweed extract fertilizer. In the world, only we use a two-phase bio-fermentation process to produce a nu

Price:US $ 6,000 - 15,000 / Ton
Dongyang Lianfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Bio Fertilizer (Amino 22 Liquid) / South korea Organic Fertilizer for sale

                              Let's Make Smart Green Eco World with KosiBio !    KosiBio  


Chitosan Oligosaccharide Liquid (Bio-Agriculture Grade) / China Organic Fertilizer for sale

Chitosan Oligosaccharide Liquid   Natural environmental fertilizer for bio-agriculture   Application  Foliar Fertilizer  Biopesticide  Water Flush Fertilizer Major Function in Agriculture  Enhance disease res

Price:USD 1 / KG
G.T.C. Bio Corporation