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Electric bone saw machine(JG-210)/ bone cutting machine / China Slaughtering Equipment for sale

  bone saw machine     1.NAME:JG-210A 2.CARTON SIZE:540*535*945MM3.Power supply (V):220/1104.Motor(kw):0.755.RATED POWER (HZ):50/606.Pulley diameter(mm):2107.Saw Strip linear velocity (M/S):158.Workstations specifications (MM):400*4369.

Price:US $ 530 - 1,200 / Piece
Junan County Linda Tools Co., Ltd.

Electric Plaster cutting saw, Plaster Knife, plaster Spreader, cutter, hand Drill Machine, Drill Bit, Bone lebers, Awls, Drill Sleve, Tap / India Saw for sale

We have complete range of Orthopaedic Instruments such as, 1.General Trauma Instruments consisting of diferent types of Bone HoldingForceps, Bone levers, Periostome Elevators, Awls, etc. 2. General Orthopaedic Instruments consisting of Osteotoes,

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