AMT Heat Recovery Core, heat exchanger core, core of heat exchanger, heat recovery ventilation, Energy Recovery Ventilator

AMT Heat Recovery Core (HRC)
High quality, great efficiency, higher to 98% efficiency.
Diamond shape, polystyrene material.

Price:US $100 - 1,000 / Piece
Aitian Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Coaxial heat exchanger for heat recovery, energy recovery / China Heat Exchanger for sale

Coaxial heat exchanger for heat recovery                                    

Price:US $ 1 - 20 / Piece
Ningbo Haishu Chosen Trade Co., Ltd.

heat recovery ventilator energy recovery ventilator

1, counter flow heat exchanger high efficency
2, regular AC motor or ECO DC motor
3,,automatic bypass
4,, EL preheating

Ningbo Donghai Print Co., Ltd.

greenhouse energy recovery units / China Energy Saving Equipment for sale

Features: The ALH series product is the "Energy Recover Ventilator". The venting of air conditioner and the new air coming into the room should first enter into this equipment. The venting air and new air do the heat exchanger. Use the energy of

Hangzhou 3King Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.

CEO Lines Energy Recovery Ventilating Unit / Turkey Energy Saving Equipment for sale

CEO Lines Energy Recovery Ventilating Units removes stale and impure air, supplies fresh air from outdoor. Improves indoor air quality, protects from air pollutants and balances the humidity of living places. Recovers the heat from the outdoor air to pre


Assembled type energy recovery unit with crossflow heat exchangers(customized) / China Heat Exchanger for sale

Functions of Air handling unit with plate heat exchanger (heat recovery AHU)   Fresh air handling unit can bring in fresh air and exhaust out the stale indoor air as well, thus to keep indoor space in natural comfort.   Built-in Holtop plate he

Price:US $ 1,000 - 10,000 / Set
Airwoods Home Appliances Company Limited

30000 m3/h energy recovery ventilation equipment with control device / China Industrial Air Conditioners for sale

Features of Holtop energy recovery ventilator/Energy saving fresh air handling unit   1. Large airflow for commercial or industrial applications 2. High efficiency, over 70% 3. Perfect silence design 4. Air filtration and purification 5. High airpro

Price:US $ 1,000 - 50,000 / Set
Airwoods Home Appliances Company Limited

Energy Recovery Unit / Turkey HVAC Systems & Parts for sale

VENCO energy recovery units (VER), are designed to have high efficiency by using rotary type heat exchangers. The efficiency of VER units is about 80% and this value is higher than the efficiency of VHR units (aluminum plate heat exchangers) at least 25%.


waste incinerator to energy recovery ( waste disposal , waste to electricity system ) / China Waste Management for sale

waste incinerator to energy recovery ( waste disposal , waste to electricity system ) Capacity: 200ton/Day Burning Type: Stoker Type Rubbish Type: life rubbish Waste to energy recovery.

Shanghai Kim Industry Co., Ltd.

plasma optimized waste to energy recovery ( rubbish burning machine , waste incinerator ) / China Waste Management for sale

plasma optimized waste to energy recovery ( rubbish burning machine , waste incinerator )   Items Low Temperature Pyrolysis Incinerator Plasma Incinerator Common Capacity Below 150T/D 200T/D Below 150T/D Application Many comparatively Mo

Shanghai Kim Industry Co., Ltd.

132,000~GPD SEAWATER RO PLANT WITH ENERGY RECOVERY TURBINE / United states Water Treatment for sale

Chlorine Dosing System One metering injection systems will be supplied for controlling different elements in the feed water of the RO plant. The metering pump will allow controlling of different functions such as the stroke length and percentage rate. Th

Forever Pure

Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilator / India Ventilation Fans for sale

We offer HRV for auditorium, seminal halls, malls, crowdedplaces,restaurants, etc for heat recovery. Also note that it also actasenergy (heat moisture) supply form fresh ambient.Sensible heatrecovery for 1000 CFM is 34,200 BTU/Hr and Latent heatrecovery i


Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators / United states Ventilation Fans for sale

How Do They Work? Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs)An HRV is designed to bring a continuous supply of fresh air into a home while exhausting an equal amount of contaminated air. HRVs use what is called a sensible heat recovery core. This special aluminum c

Pacific Hydronics

Total Enthalpy Heat Energy Recovery Ventilators / Taiwan HVAC Systems & Parts for sale

Detailed Description:   Today's homes require controlled ventilation to improve the Indoor Air Quality and maximize energy efficiency. The TERV series is designed for moderate/temperate geographies with winter temperatures below freezing and

Price:US $ 300 - 3,000 / Set

Energy recovery ventilator / China Other Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Equipment for sale

Heat recovery ventilator function : high efficiency of heat exchange,  maintain a high-air-quality environment save energy to 28% (HEP material make sure high Temperature exchange efficiency & Enthalpy exchange efficiency) plenty of volume m

Beijing New Vision Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.

Energy Recovery Ventilation / China Fan for sale

Metal casing with thermal insulating layer,excellent for heat & sound insulation Slim design and compact size, ideal for places with limited space Inbuilt filter,good for keeping outside mosquitoes, pollen, dust etc... Efficient exchange core contr

Price:EUR 30 / pcsPrice ConditionFO
Nussun Mechanical&Electrical Technology CO.,LTD

Pyrolytic Energy Recovery PLANT / Korea Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery for sale

Eco-friendly Waste Treatment System The PER technology treats waste materials by indirectly applying heat (without oxygen) to various high molecule materials such as thermoplastics, waste tires, synthetic fibers, vinyl, and rubber. Chemical endothermic re

PER E&T Co., Ltd.

Energy Recovery Ventilator / Korea Refrigeration & Heat Exchange for sale

Energy Recovery Ventilator Energy recovery ventilators to recover the energy contained in the exhaust air and ventilation air supply fresh air to the indoor Features Energy recovery ventilator : Apply the BLDC fan, and sterilization devices and heat exc

Taesung Corporation

Residential Air To Air Energy Recovery Ventilator With CE / China Heat Exchanger for sale

KRV  also called energy recovery ventilator,with cross flow paper core. Which use for remove stale indoor  air and replace it with fresh, clean air from outdoors with&nb

Price:US $1
Xiamen AIR-ERV Technology Co., Ltd.