H60 Energy Saver Products

energy saver products H60 for home:
1.saves up to 10% on electric bill!

Shenzhen Jumbo Power Technology Co., Limited

Energy Saver---Hot Sale Product in This Economic Crisis / Hong kong Other Energy Related Products for sale

Electricity Saving Box ---Hot Sale Product in This Economic Crisis Electricity Saving Box (Min Order Quantity 30pcs) Electricity Saving Box----Highh Efficiency Electricity Saving Device High Stabilit: The main board has been optimized. Hig

HK Home Electronics Co. Ltd.

SCALAR ENERGY FUEL SAVER / Philippines Other Solar Energy Related Products for sale

Biowill Scalar Energy Fuel Saver is a revolutionary product that uses quantum science technology and nano-technology. Save fuel from 10 to 20 % Testimonial: I started using to try the effectiveness of Biowill Scalar Energy in my car last march, 200


Electro-Commander energy saver / Hong kong Other Energy Related Products for sale

  The Electro-Commander efficiently controls Hot water heaters and Immersion water heaters thereby saving the end user vast amounts of money. This modern unit is used in homes, offices, corporate buildings etc; in fact, any building that uses

Price:US $ 36
Global Energy Ltd

Proateq, Additive Energy Saver / Panama Other Energy Related Products for sale

We represent for all Latin America, a product to save energy , made in USA with all approvals It  work in all air conditioning and refrigeration systems. We can send you all info  when you  let us know your interest. We are look

Price:US $ 30
Jlp Corporation

good sell full spiral high power electronic energy saver lighting products / China Energy Saving & Fluorescent for sale

  1)   Type:CFL full spiral shape bulb 2) Tube diameters: 9/12/14/17MM 3)Base Type: E27,B22etc   4) Watt: 20,35,65,85,105,125,200W 5) Voltage: 110-130V, 220-240V 6) Average life: 3,000, 6,000/8,000/10,000hour

Price:US $0.5
Hangzhou Shuangfeng Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

standby power saver / South korea Other Energy Related Products for sale

“Plugit” cut off 100% Standby Power Save Money, Reduce Carbon Dioxide   What is standby power ?   Standby power is electricity used by appliances and equipment while they are switched off or not performing their p

Price:US $ 33 - 34 / Set
Sekhmet inc

fuel saver / India Other Energy Related Products for sale

PUROSAVER Fuel The PUROSAVER Fuel saver is a powerful device based on BTMA Technology, which easily attaches to the inbound fuel line of petrol, diesel & L.P.G. / C.N.G. Supercharged fuel burns cleaner and produces more power. The end results are fue


Inferno Fuel Saver / Singapore Other Energy Related Products for sale

Infernofuel is used in many countries by governments and commercial industries. Our combustion enhancer is USA EPA reg., and reduces ghg emission substantially to combat climate change and global warming. It works on the theory that combustion is ineff

Price:US $ 30
PRC Global Pte. Ltd

Natural Gas, LPN CNG Propane Fuel Saver / United states Other Energy Related Products for sale

Our Fuel Saver Technology provides a lifetime of fuel savings to the home and small business owner. Based on NASA hydrogen-rocket science, the EnviroMagnetics Fuel Saver burns the fuel better providing more heat from less fuel. In addition, the increased

Price:US $ 99
Greenway Environmental Technologies

Intelligent Saver / India Other Energy Related Products for sale

Intelligent Saver   Features     Reduces your electricity bill Up-to 20%   Plugs into any socket.   No wiring required.   No maintenance required.   Rapid return on your investment.  


DOMESTIC GAS SAVER - HOME USE / United states Other Energy Related Products for sale

The magnetic field strength must be at a high gauss level since it may be demagnetized to some extent before reaching the combustion chamber. Most fuels for internal combustion engines are liquid fuels don’t combust till they are vaporized and mixed

Price:Other 555 / Piece

Wonder Blue Saver / India Other Energy Related Products for sale

Wonder Blue is an Electro Megnatic Device used to save Gas Consumption upto 50% in your cooking. It is internationally patented. We are manufacturer of Polyester Texturised and Twisted Yarns. We havelatest technology with us to produce quality yarns for


HHO Fuel Saver-Hydrox Mobile product / Malaysia Other Energy Related Products for sale

Hydrox Mobile is an evolutionary hydrogen hybrid system invented by HYDROX ENERGY MALAYSIA . Our patented electrolyzing oxyhydrogen generator converts ordinary water into a hydrogen / oxygen gas to supplement standard vehicle fuels such as petrol and d

Price:US $ 100 - 1,500

Auto Energy Saver Fuel Catalyst / Pakistan Other Car Care Products for sale

Dear Sir, We are a company dedicated to conserving fossil fuels and reducing emissions. We manufacture and export fuel catalyst which are used in petro, diesel, LPG, Furnace oil fired engines to reduce toxic emissions, get more output, and reduce fuel con

Hashimi Can Company Limited

Electronic auto car fuel saver products,fuel savers (Manufacturer) / China Energy Saving Equipment for sale

Electronic auto car fuel saver products,fuel savers (Manufacturer):   1 . Main usage Stable car current output; Improve the car starts; Improve car circuit filter characteristics; Protection car electric equipment from damage when voltage f

Price:US $25
Hefei Wolian Industrial Co., Ltd.

new products on china market energy saver jiangxi lighting fixtures

energy saver
1.high light efficiency
2.long life with low lumen attenuation
3.sizes and wattages in a wide choice

Price:US $0.5 - 2 / Piece
Jiangxi Yaoyu Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd.

China products energy saver air purifier/Air duct cleaning equipment/Odor sensor air cleaner/Air quality sensor air purifier

1)With HEPA,Anion,Healthy wind
2)Fan,3speed,nanometer activity ion
3)LED display,RC,Moving,Humidify

Price:US $90 - 115 / Set
Foshan Shunde Xitian Environment Technology Co., Ltd.