Bat Guano Organic Fertilizer / United kingdom Organic Fertilizer for sale

We sell Fresh Bat Guano and Rock Guano Fresh Bat Guano is a powerful fertiliser and soil enhancer. Rock Guano is high in phosphorous and can be used as a limer. Both products are used together for a complete organic solution. Fr

Cavemans Bat Guano UK

Bat Guano Organic Fertilizer .. BEST EVER!! / Philippines Organic Fertilizer for sale

Guano  known as the best organic fertilizer has a powerful effect on all plants, guano contains certain enzymes that cannot be duplicated in a laboratory. Guano has been proven to be the best known organic fertilizer ever.

Price:US $ 90 / Metric Ton
St. Vincent's Ventures

Guano (Limestone Cave Bat Excrement) Organic Fertilizer / Malaysia Organic Fertilizer for sale

This is an organic fertilizer that base on guano (limestone cave bat excrement) legally sourced from remote limestone cave of Gua musang of kelantan. NO UNPLEASANT ODOR. Guano is an effective fertilizer due to its high levels of nitrogen and phosporu

Price:US $ 3.5 - 4.5 / Kilogram
Proline Trading

Bat Guano - Manure Organic Fertilizer / Madagascar Organic Fertilizer for sale

COMPOSTING FERTILIZER bat guano Description: Powdered bat guano organic fertilizer rich in phosphorus. Promotes and improves the flowering of plants. High quality organic fertilizer extracted from bat droppings, which comes from Madagascar, c

Price:EUR 300 - 340 / Tonne
Mima Bat Guano

Archipelago Bat Guano Natural Organic Phosphate Fertilizer / United states Organic Fertilizer for sale

ARCHIPELAGO BAT GUANO FERTILIZER   Your plants will reward you with larger more vigorous flowers when you feed them Archipelago Bat Guano Natural Phosphate Fertilizer.   Archipelago Bat Guano offers this 11-pound bag of  0-7-0 (NPK) nat


Organic Fertilizer Bat Guano Malaysia / Malaysia Organic Fertilizer for sale

Dear Sir, We are pleased to introduce our company as a major supplier for bat guano organic fertilizer from Malaysia. Bat Guano Malaysia is the ideal organic fertilizer for your prize plants, garden or vegetable patch. We supply and export high qualit

Price:US $ 0.6 / Kilogram

Caveman's Fresh Bat Guano Fertilizer / United kingdom Organic Fertilizer for sale

Fresh Bat Guano For thousands of years, farmers all over the world have known the power of bat guano as a fertilizer. Containing high levels of Nitrogen and Phosphates, minerals from the caves, organic matter, microbial flora and soil enhancing chelates,

Cavemans Bat Guano UK

100% Bat Guano / Thailand Organic Fertilizer for sale

  Product Description Compost U E Limited 100% Grade A Organic Bat Guano Detail lead Description We are Thai Japanese partnership company receiving the concession from Laos Government to take the Bat Guano for producing 100% Grade A Organic