High quality and lower price artificial granite slab for countertops(engineered stone) / China Artificial Stone for sale

Granite, artificial granite slab,engineered stone. History:   We are professional manufacturer for granite,blue granite,countertop.And we have a variety of solid surface finished products, manufacturing ability of mold,the colors of corian(dupon

Price:US $ 30 - 65
Kingkonree Shenzhen Ltd.

High quality black counter top artificial tile/marble tile/artificial slab / China Artificial Stone for sale

 We can supply high qualityartificial tile/marble tile/artificial slab with competitive price to you. Welcome to client's size!   A)Solid surface can be used for counter top, vanity top, bench top,window sills, serving counter etc b

Price:US $ 23 - 86
Kingkonree Shenzhen Ltd.

High quality solid surface artificial granite table top(engineered stone) / China Artificial Stone for sale

Product Name.: high quality artificial granite tabletop/engineered stone tabletop.   All kinds of tops applied to interior and exterior, especially for interior tops, such as Vanity tops, kitchen tops, Island countertops, bar countertop

Price:US $ 45 - 188
Kingkonree Shenzhen Ltd.

High quality bending modified acrylic sheet composite acrylic slab for countertops table tops / China Artificial Stone for sale

the high quality composite acrylic slab can be used for kitchen countertops and table tops. it's can be bended after heating .   Specification Length: 2440mm, 3050mm, 3680mm (Max: 3680mm) Width: 760mm (Max:800mm) Thickness: 6mm ~30

Price:US $ 65 - 70
Kingkonree Shenzhen Ltd.

Appoved high quality acrylic artificial stone sheet /solid surface slab in China big manufacture

acrylic artificial stone sheet
-Seamless stick,corrosion-resisting
-easy clean, eco-friendly
-Free samples
-modern style

Price:US $30 - 200 / Piece
Dongguan Simble Sanitary Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.