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Medical & Dental instrument disinfectant / Thailand Other Chemicals for sale

INFECTION CONTROL PRODUCTS                                      &


povidone iodine solution

1.Low price and high quality.
2.To trap bacteria and viruses actively.
3.alcohol-free,No stimulation
4.ISO9001:2008 GMP CE

Price:US $0.5 - 5 / Piece
Beijing Xuanyuan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Surgical Instrument Disinfectant (MSDS,Hospital ) / China Healthcare Supplies for sale

Name Surgical Instrument Disinfectant Function gemma of germ ,it kill bat erial sport and disinfectant Component glutaraldehyde of 2.0%-2.5% Payment Terms T/T   L/C Delivery Time about 30-40 days Supply Capacity

Anhui Greenland Disinfection Products Co., Ltd.

Surgical Instrument Disinfectant with %2 Glutaraldehyde / Turkey Medical Consumables for sale

FORMULA: Active Substance: Contains % 2 glutaraldehyde as weight / volume Inactive Substances: Contains non-ionic cleaners and anti-corrosive substances AREAS OF USE AND USING INSTRUCTIONS AD-1 FF ready to use solution is used for the disinfection

Price:US $ 6 - 8 / Gallon

Virusolve + EDS High Level Disinfectant / United kingdom Other Chemicals for sale

Introducing Virusolve+ EDS: The most advanced High Level Disinfectant for instruments and medical devices ever developed. No other disinfectant available today is as effective at destroying bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi & spores as Viru

Amity Limited

Medical Equipment Disinfectant / China Surgical Supplies for sale

     Medical Equipment Disinfectant:  Widely used to disinfect medical instruments  Efficient, economical   Medical & Dental Instrument Disinfectant: 1. Brief Introduction:  This product is a high-level

Anhui Greenland Disinfection Products Co., Ltd.

2% Glutaraldehyde Solution / China Sterilization Equipments for sale

2% Glutaraldehyde Solution(Medical equipment disinfectant) Widely used to disinfect, sterilize and kill the bacteria of medical instrument,especially for the polymers such as thermolabile optical instruments, rubber and plastic man-made products, e.g. t

Anhui Greenland Disinfection Products Co., Ltd.

High Level Disinfectant / United states Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

      High Level Disinfectant Sterilents   METRICIDE 14 day 2.6% Glutaraldehyde Sterilizing & Disinfecting Solution      10-1400   Gallons      &nbs


Compound iodine solution veterinary pharmaceutical medicine / China Veterinary Medicine for sale

Veterinary pharmaceutical medicine disinfectant kill viruses and bacteria.   Ingredients: Iodine,Hydrochloric acid,phosphoric acid,surfactant   Feature: 1:Powerful,broad spectrum.Iodine mainly play antiseptic role in ion forms.the p

Zhengzhou Damuyuan Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Limited

HEMOCLEAN RP Disinfectant / South korea Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

01 General Properties - Disinfection and sterilization of dialyzes- Economical, Convenient, Efficient- Use after sterilizing for 11 hours- continuous sterilizing effect for 30 days- Accurate and simple sterilization and residual quantity test (1ppm/tes


Medical Disinfectants,for Hospitals Use / China Medical Consumables for sale

Medical Disinfectants,for Hospital Use: As a specialized manufacturer and exporter for disinfectants in China , we are offering a great variety of disinfectants and detergents which are suitable for disinfection, sterilization, decontamination and odor

Anhui Greenland Disinfection Products Co., Ltd.

DIGITAL PH ORP CONTROLLER + ELECTRODE , C02 O3 , 220V / Hong kong Other Electronic Measuring Instruments for sale

KEY STRENGTHS: This PH-303 Digital ORP and pH Controller is an upgraded version of our . It is the industrial & heavy duty version with a new re-engineered body structure . Equipped with measuring range of 0~14pH for PH & -1999~±1999m

Price:US $ 87.5 - 109 / Piece
Gain Express Holdings Ltd.

DIGITAL PH ORP (2 in 1) CONTROLLER ELECTRODES , CO2 O3 / Hong kong Other Electronic Measuring Instruments for sale

KEY STRENGTHS: Our PH-803 is most advanced type of CONTROLLER with which it can simultaneously measure and diplay the pH value and redox value (ORP)

Price:US $ 95.5 - 119 / Perch
Gain Express Holdings Ltd.