(industry salt) Sodium chloride 99%min / China Chloride for sale

Sodium chloride 99 % min industry salt CAS:7791-18-6 HS Code:2827310000 Appearance: white powder or colourless crystals Molecular Structure: Molecular Formula:NaClMolecular Weight:58.44EINECS:231-598-3Density:1.199 g/mL at 20 °CMelting Point:80

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Industry Sodium Chloride / China Chloride for sale

  Sodium Chloride Molecular formula: NaCL Molecular weight: 58.45 Appearance: white crystalline powder   Pls feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.   Specification: THIS INSPECTION IS BASED ON GB/T5462-200

Wuhan Hotian Chemicals Limited

melting snow -refined fine salt ,sodium chloride ,industry salt / China Salt for sale

. Specifications Refined salt industrial grade,Purity NaCl 99% min ,free-flowing white fine granule without agglomeration Product Nature Molecular Formula:NaCl, Molecular weight:58.44,white crystalline granule or powder, density 2.165,

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Hot Sales Industry Grade sodium aluminum fluoride 98% / China Halide ( Except Chloride ) for sale

  Superior Quality potassium aluminium fluoride   Properties: The product is a white crystalline powder or a sandy-size granularity, and a pinkish crystalline powder or a sandy-size granularity as well. Sp.gr.2.95—3.01g/cm3, meltin

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good free flowing industry refined crashing salt ,sodium chloride,refined crashing salt / China Salt for sale

Product name :good free flowing  industry refined crashing salt ,refined crashing salt,industry salt,sodium chloride PRODUCT INTRODUCTION: The products are up to the standard of both Chinese and international requirements in quality, winn

Price:US $85
Shouguang Seabond International Trade Co., Ltd.