dead sea natural salt/sodium chloride,potassium chloride,dead sea bath salt, lo an light sodium salt / Jordan Chloride for sale

we can supply all dead sea products such as  edible salt , bath salt , potassium chloride ,, it will be packed in 25 kg p.e/pp bags on wooden ballets wrped with nylon shrink,in 20 feet containers,, we have clients in USA, ENGLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY ,,

rushidat for construction and commerce

dead sea salts, potassium chloride, sodium chloride , bath salt , low and lite sodium salts / Jordan Other Beauty & Personal Care Products for sale

we can supply salts ) nacl. kcl. low sodium salt -for people suffering from hypertension and heart problems) in 25 kg pe/pp bags , stacked on wooden ballets of 1.25 mt each , wrapped with nylon shrink in 20" containers,, if you are intrested , plea

rushidat for construction and commerce

low sodium chloride with high quality,Nacl content is beyond 75%,low sodium salt / China Chloride for sale

Product name:   low sodium chloride with high quality,Nacl content is beyond 75%,low sodium salt Features: Low sodium salt is produced with little size and high quality sea salt as raw marerial ,mainly used in keeping healthy and season.It

Price:US $140
Shouguang Seabond International Trade Co., Ltd.

Bulk Solar Salt (Sodium Chloride) / United states Chloride for sale


Price:US $ 25 - 40
Salt Products Co.

Sodium Chloride Industrial Grade / China Chloride for sale

  SODIUM CHLORIDE INDUSTRIAL GRADE – Excellent Class (GB/T5462-2003)   1. General Information   This product’s quality fulfills GB/T5462-2003 Chinese National Industrial grade standards, producing and marketing process

Hengyang Hai Lian Salt Solution Chemistry Co., Ltd.

NACL/sodium chloride 99.9%MIN / China Chloride for sale

 1. Sodium Chloride specification:     HIGH PURITY  SALT  Sodium Chloride  ≥99.9% Moisure   ≤0.1% Water-insoluble   ≤0.01% Sulphate(as Na2So4)  

Hangzhou Jingang Chemical Company Ltd.

sodium chloride, industrial salt, NaCl, 96%,99.5% / China Chloride for sale

sodium chloride, industrial salt,  (1)Grade: industrial grade (2)Molecular formula:  NaCl  (3)Physical appearance: Colorless cubic crystal or white crystalline (4)Purity(NaCl ): 96% 99.5%   (5)Main use:  Used in the man

Price:US $ 110 / Ton
Tianjin Tiankai Chemical Industries Import And Export Corporation

Salt Tablet ( Sodium Chloride Tablet ) / United arab emirates Chloride for sale

We are manufacturing salt tablet which is used for water softeners.

Blue Line Chemicals

Sodium chloride (NaCl) / China Chloride for sale

Sodium chloride  We can supply kinds of salt in China including sea salt and rock salt. Purity: 85% - 99% Appearance :from 6mm to 0.15mm Usage: chemical material such as to prepare dye , alkali  melting snow food and so o

Lianyungang Jialei International Trade Co., Ltd.

Sodium Chloride /Salt / 7647-14-5 99.6%MIN / China Chloride for sale

 1. Sodium Chloride(7647-14-5) specification:      salt (NACL)  Sodium Chloride  ≥99.9% Moisure   ≤0.1% Water-insoluble   ≤0.01% Sulphate(as Na2So4) 

Hangzhou Jingang Chemical Company Ltd.

sell sodium chloride / China Chloride for sale

Product Description Product name: Sodium chloride (nacl) synonyms: Salt, refined salt, table salt, vacuum salt sodium chloride We can supply kinds of salt in China including sea salt and rock salt. Purity: 85% - 99% Appearance: From 6mm to 0.15mm

Price:US $ 70 - 1,000 / Metric Ton
Tianjin Tiger International Trade Co., Ltd.

Sodium chloride 99.8% / China Chloride for sale

molecular formula: NaCl CAS: 7647-14-5 Appearance: white crystal Properties: Colorless needle crystal or white particles. In dry air weathering, while in damp air ChaoXie, relative density 196, heat to °C lost four 61.4 molecular gesso,

Price:US $ 370 - 455 / Metric Ton
Tianjin Flourish Chemical Co., Ltd.

Sodium Chloride, Industrial salt, Nacl / China Chloride for sale

Snow Melting Agent,Magnesium Chloride,Calcium Chloride,Sodium Chloride,mixed,ice melting salt Sodium Chloride, Industrial salt, Nacl   Usage: mainly used for snow and ice melting and anti-dust in all kinds of urban streets road,highway,railway,cr

Yantai Jeongdo Nonmetallic Materials Co., Ltd.

Sodium chloride 74% 94%/patch,grainy, powder and bulk/made in China/Chemicals / China Chloride for sale

The chemical industry uses large amounts of sodium chloride salt to produce other chemicals. Chlorine and sodium hydroxide are electrolically produced from brine. Chlorine products are used in metal cleaners, paper bleach, and . The chemical soda ash, whi

Wuqiang County Huiquan Dyestuff Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Raw Sea Salt Sodium Chloride Nacl 97. 5% / Pakistan Chloride for sale

  Dear Sir,    We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading producer and exporter of all kinds of Salt from Pakistan since last two decades. We produce fine quality Salt from Natural Lakes and other resources i.e Sea, Mount

Price:US $ 28 - 35
noah international

sodium chloride LR / AR / IP / BP / USP / GR / ACS /PURE / EXTRA PURE / India Chloride for sale

 SODIUM CHLORIDE ACS9Code Number »77256Synonym »SALT; COMMON SALTCAS No. »7647-14-5Molecular Formula »NaClMolecular Weight »58.44Description »WHITE CRYSTALLINE POWDERSpecifications »PH OF 5% SOLUTION5.0 - 9.0


Aquasol Salt Sodium Chloride Pellets / Canada Chloride for sale

Aquasol A "pillow" shaped briquette for small to medium sized domestic water softeners. Aquasol is compressed from fine salt to minimise breaking or chipping formulated to dissolve efficiently without bridging in the salt reservoir. Available

Star Salt Inc

Sodium chloride medicine grade / China Chloride for sale

Molecular formula: Sodium Chloride Molecule Weight: 58.44 H.S code:25010019 CAS: 7647-14-5   Physical Property:White Crystal at normal temperature, densitty 2.165,Melting Point 801centigrade,Boiling point 1413centigrade,Salted and Neutral, Easil

Lianyungang Jialei International Trade Co., Ltd.