Chemical refined wood Activated Carbon for medical used / China Water Treatment for sale

Feature : Fast  the adsorption speed, good bleaching effect , improve the decolorization drug purity, increase drug stability, avoid the side effects of drugs , especially remove "the hot original" of more special performance for drugs and

Price:US $900
Gongyi City Xianke Water Supply Material Co., Ltd.

PAC/poly aluminum chloride water treatment chemical used in foundry sewge water treatment / China Water Treatment for sale

Poly aluminum chloride/PAC for industrial water treatment/purifying 1.Description Color:yellow powder Al2O3: Min 28% Basicity: 80% ~ 90% Water insoluble%:1.5-2.0 PH:3.5-5.0 2. Advantages Comply with GB-/T22627-2008 Non-potable water stand

Price:US $315
Henan CXH Purity Industrial And Trading Co., Ltd.

CPAM-polyacrylamide flocculant chemical used in oily wastewater treatment / China Water Treatment for sale

Cationic polyacrylamide   Physical Property:       This product is white amorphous particles, is a water-soluble, linear polymer organic polymer

Price:US $2,800
Dongying Desheng Industry Co., Ltd.

Flocculant Chemical Used for Alumina / China Water Treatment Chemicals for sale

Separation of red mud deposition is an extremely complex physical and chemical processes. Bayer dissolution of pulp is a suspension, which is formed of red mud and sodium aluninate solution. There are complex physical and chemical effects among the red mu

Price:USD 2600 / MTPrice ConditionF
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