Latest Brand Radar Detector 100% Original Best Quality valentine one radar detector / China Car Reversing Aid for sale

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Valentine One Radar Detector / Australia Car Reversing Aid for sale

The Valentine 1 Radar Laser Detector is one of the best radar detectors in the world. The Valentine One radar detector provides directional arrow alerts pointing in the direction of L, X, K, Ka superwide band, police laser, and instant-on police radar spe


Valentine One Radar Detector / Indonesia Navigation & GPS for sale

Valentine One Specifications: Operating Frequencies 10.500 – 10.550 GHz (X band) 24.050 – 24.250 GHz (K band) 33.4 – 36.0 GHz (Ka band) 13.400 – 13.500 GHz (Ku band) – For international radar coverage! Power Requirement

Price:USD 185 / 195
Pio Maindo

Detector radar Valentine One 1 / Romania Other Auto Electronics for sale

Cel mai tare detector radar, cu "TEHNOLOGIE MILITARA" Deja cunoscutul Valentine One , acum si cu banda Ku (aviz celor care merg in tarile UE !!! Varianta soft 3872     Specificatii tehnice: Antenna type: High-efficiency dou

Price:US $ 375 - 385