Automatic Hand Sterilizer / Korea Autoclave for sale

Description To prevent the second contagion of colon bacilli, salmonella, dyentery bacilli and botulinus due to skin contact, hand sterilizers are a key instrument for restaurants, fast food stores, toilet rooms, hospitals and meat-processing plants. Rece

Autoclave / China Autoclave for sale

12L 18L 23L   Product Function The newly-designed model with opening water tank on the top, strictly meets the standard of EN13060, which makes wash and cleaning much more convenient. It adopts European B standard with 3-times pre-vacuum precedi

BIOBASE Vertical Autoclave (Intelligent Control) / China Autoclave for sale

Autoclave (Intelligent Control) Features: l         Pressure Steam Type l         Fully stainless steel structure l         The cov

High Temperature Autoclave Sterilizer / China Autoclave for sale

All parts of apparatus are imported •Italy UKLA water pump •MOTORALA chip and pressure sensor •Imported vacuum pump •PARKER valve housing    PR

Vertical Sterilizer YXQ-LS-100A / China Autoclave for sale

Vertical Sterilizer YXQ-LS-100A Technical Parameters: Model: YXQ-LS-100A Volume: 100L Max. working temperature: 135℃ Max. working pressure: 0.22MPa Power Consumption: 4KW Power supply: 220V±10%/50Hz±2% D

Vertical Sterilizer YXQ-LS-100G / China Autoclave for sale

Vertical Sterilizer YXQ-LS-100G Technical Parameters: Model: YXQ-LS-100G Volume: 100L Max. working temperature: 135℃ Max. working pressure: 0.22MPa Power Consumption of sterilization: 3.5KW Power Consump

Vertical Sterilizer YXQ-LS-100SII / China Autoclave for sale

Vertical Sterilizer YXQ-LS-100SII PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC: Auto-control type Structure of handwheel type quick-door-open safety interlock device (accord with the 49th requirement of Vessel Regulations) Material: outer and chamber are made of high quality

Autoclave/Sterilizer / China Autoclave for sale

All -round computerized fuzzy control. LCD creen diaplay modularized ponel for easy operation. Mini printer can be attached to record the process of sterillization. Model: BEST IID18 Voltage/Power: 220V/1500W Chamber Size: 245x320 Outside Size: 567

Boiling Sterilization Apparatus / China Autoclave for sale

it has impact structure, good  temp. preservation,long life ,durable,its material is carbon iron,unique crafts,it's widely used in straw steaming,rubber or tire vulcanization,vacuum sterilization,dethydration and preservation of food and plant,it al

2012 Professional Autoclave Sterilizer for Rubber / China Autoclave for sale

with its deft craft, flexible structure,it is used in many fields,it's multi-usage,the material is unique,so it's durable, the sealing is nice, high efficiency, energy-saving,good effect,laborforce saving, little investment,nice benifit, it can be appl