abrasion resistance

    Product Description GT-C13C abrasion resistance tester for fabric   Application Abrasion Resistance Machine is used for testing the performance of the wearing resistance, a

YG401E-4 Martindale Abrasion Resistance Meter

KJ- YG401E-4   Martindale Abrasion Resistance Meter   Application Range: Determination for woven fabrics,knitted fabrics,pile fabrics coated fabrics and wear resistance of the&

Textile fabric Martindale Abrasion&Pilling Tester-wear&pilling resistance

Martindale Abrasion& Pilling Tester, Martindale Fabric abrasion tester,   wear&pilling resistance     1-Usage   Determine the wear resistance (speciment breakage, damage, quality changes in appearance), pilling performan

Abrasion/tear resistance of textile fabrics

Product Description Abrasion resistance of textile fabrics  1. Application   Taber abrasion machine  is  Used to test a wide spectrum of materials, the instrument has been referenced in numerous standards and specifications (incl

Max HoldF/S ResponseA/C Weighting sound pressure level measurement

Max HoldF/S ResponseA/C Weighting sound pressure level measurement Product Description   Specifications Sound level meter  1,Digital Display with Dynamic Graph  2,Auto/Manual Range  3,Max HoldF/S ResponseA/C Weighting  4,DC/AC O

Digital sound pressure level meter Lp meter

  Digital sound pressure level meter Lp meter Product Description   * Easy measurement of sound pressure level (Lp), equivalent continous sound pressure level (Laeq), sound exposure level (LAE), and peak sound level (LCpeak)  * Backlit d

Digital Sound Noise Level Meter 30~130dB Decibel Pressure Tester LCD Audio

DescriptionBrief introduction: This Digital Sound Level Meter is an instrument to measure Sound Pressure Level in decibels (dB). This meter is featured with wide measuring range (30 ~ 130 dB), A frequency weighting, Maximum function and low battery indica

sound level meterET-953

 Sound level meter   Features: 1. Analog AC/DC outputs for connection to frequency analyzer or X-Y shaft recorder 2. A/C frequency weighting 3. Time and&n

2015 New design yellow XH-401CE high quality KDB materials rollers use for PP PE PVC ABS color mixing lab rubber two roll mill

XH-401CE Plastic mill for labboratory /oil heating two roll mill/electrical heating/ plastic mill/use for PP PVC EVA ABS PE color matching   is used to uniformly mix the raw material and additinal agents for testing and apply the experiment resoults

MOA-30KV Portable metal oxide Arrester tester

1.To test gapless arrester MOA bad contact
2.Measured the leakage current