C3115 Bandages Scissors Chromium Plated / China Surgical Instruments for sale

  Scissors / Bandages Scissors / First-aid Scissors / Wire Scissors / Safety Scissors / Stainless Scissors / Lister Scissors / Paramedic Utility Bandages Scissors   Type and Size:     C3101 Paramedic Utility Bandages Scisso

XENON LIGHT SOURCE / Ukraine Surgical Instruments for sale

ECONT 0101.3 Xenon Light Source offers the professional user the most advanced pure day light sources (5600°K colour temperature). It contains an improved high intensity and low heat conductive xenon lamp including IR-filtering lens-system which focus

Four-layer Half-flannel Orthopedic Neck Traction Device / China Surgical Instruments for sale

Product Name Neck Spine Care Brace Device Specification Material:Velour Max Rising High:19cm / 7.5 inch AFT-1073 7-layer/5-layer Natural Rubber Air Traction   AFT-1075 Colorful Full-flannel  Neck&nbs

sonoma Orthopedics product / United states Surgical Instruments for sale

Sonoma Orthopedics uses WaviBody technology, which allows the device to be flexible for easy insertion into the intramedullary canal. Upon activation, the device becomes rigid and secures the fracture in its anatomical configuration.

Weaving 6" Wrist Splint brace / China Surgical Instruments for sale

This product can help to immobilize the injured wrist, and reduce pain. It is made from the quality fabrics which contain cotton and rayon materials can absorb the sweat effectively, allow to free ventilation, and soft touching makes a pleasure to wear, a

Electric Bone Saw / India Surgical Instruments for sale

Electric Bone Saw, Oscillatory and Rotary Model A/C, D/C 220V with all outfit in fitted case

Bone Saw Stainless With Flip Lever / Pakistan Surgical Instruments for sale

All surgical instrumentation products from Lister Surgical Co are manufactured with surgical grade German stainless steel. These high-quality utensils are manufactured in the Pakistan and are backed by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Order one today

ART-E1 Electrosurgery / Cutting Unit With 7 Pc. Electrodes / Taiwan Surgical Instruments for sale

BONART ART-E1 Electrosurgery/cutting unit comes with 7 piece variety electrodes set, 1 hand piece, 1 indifferent or grounding plate, 1power cord, AND 1 foot switch. Operation mode of cut, coagulation, cut-coagulation. Operation frequency is at 1.7 MHZ. 10

Plastic Instruments / France Surgical Instruments for sale

We have a large range of medical plastic equipment such as: - kocher forceps - dissecting forceps - pozzi forceps - ring end forceps - anatomic tweezer forceps - clamp locking forceps - wound depth probe - amniotic perforator - etc. etc. Do not hesitate