activated carbon for water treatment / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

    Product Usage: purifying water and air; adsorbing (collecting, recovering.          separating and refining of poisonous substances, adsorbing and         

Zinc Dimethacrylate / Japan Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

We are pleased to sell Zinc Dimethacrylate with following spec: (Chemical name) Zinc Dimethacrylate = Zn(mAA)1.9(Sted)0.1 (Appearance) White fine powder (CAS No.) 13189-00-9 (Spec) Zinc:  25 - 27% Methacryl acid: 60 - 64% Bulk spec

pigment thickener / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

pigment thickener(dosage: 1.5% and 1.7%) milky white color thickener;,rotary nickel screen,bolting cloth  sodium alginate ; photoemulsion with sensitizer for rotary printing and hardener for flat bed printing;end ring etc ,factory details:www,tdnicke

PVC modifier resistant to impact MBS resin / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

MBS resin: 1.White amorphous powder 2.Excellent thermal forming sex 3.High transparent bending resistance bleaching 4.Improve products cold resistance and processing liquidity Description: MBS resin is the methylacrylic acid ester (M) styrene butadi

Vapor/gas phase Activated Carbon for Desulfurization / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

    Vapor/gas phase Activated Carbon for Desulfurization is invented and developed for sulfur removal(desulfuration)in vapor phase in manufacturing industr

LED YAG phosphors / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Brief introduction The yellow phosphor ZYP550H is a special product for white LEDs, independently developed by our company(patent has been approved). In comparison with other products in market, it is more applicable to the manufacture of white LED, owi

Dimethyl silicone oil emulsifier / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Chemical composition:   compound of several nonionic surfactant and auxiliaries   Specification: Appearance: pale yellow solid PH (1% aque. solu.):5.0-7.0 Content: ≥99% Emulsion stability: qualified   Characteristic:

Carbon Black made from waste tire(low quality, USD 400/MT) / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Carbon Black Type: can instead N990 and named as MT carbon Appearance: Black Powder Packing: 20kg net bag Usage: Its mainly used in rubber conveyer belt, rubber sheet. but do not used on tire. or, can used for cement to reduce cost.

Crosslinked Viscoelastic Surfactant / United arab emirates Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Smart-1000 is a polymer free viscoelastic acidizing system for stimulating carbonate formations. It provide leak off control and high fluid efficiency. There has been a great deal of interest recently in visco-elastic surfactants and many new and unique a

Calgon Water Softener / Poland Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

We have in our offer CALGON, which prevents washing machine breakdowns due to limescale build-up. It not only neutralises limescale in the water but prevents it from forming in the first place. Logistic: 10 pcs/box, 80 boxes/plt. For more information