Oxygen Petrol Booster / India Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

An "all-in" bio-based additive that helps petrol based engines to reach peak performance while consuming less fuel. It effectively addresses the quest for fuel-economy(upto 10-15%), clean air and driving satisfaction. Oxygen has advanced bio pe

Lignin / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Sodium  Lignosulphonate(straw pulp) 1. Property:       Appearance: Yellow powder       Compose: Lignosulphonate Sodium       Ion Type: Negative Ion    &nbs

PUMICE STONE FOR DENIM WASH / Turkey Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

  BIMSTAS TICARET NAKLIYE INSAAT VE MADENCILIK LTD. STI. ATATURK CD. NO:50 NEVSEHIR / TURKEY TEL: +90-384-2131023 FAX: +90-384-2127119       Dear Sirs,   We would like to inform you that we are direct manufac

Hydroxyl-Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB R-45M Resin) / United states Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Properties Units Values Test Methods    Min Max  Hydroxyl content Eq/100 gm0.0750.0854.4.1Moisture%- @ 25 ºC-40804.4.4Antioxidant, 2,2 Methylenebis (4-Methyl-6-T-Butylphenol)%

UOP 3A EPG Molecular sieve / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

  3A EPG  molecular sieve   Chemical Formula 2/3K2O*1/3Na2O*Al2O3*2SiO2*9/2H2O Application: Applicable to anhydrous alcohol, dehydration in acetylene, oil cracked gas and remove wax in relative industries. Specification &nbs

tungsten disulfide powder/ws2 / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

  Tungsten disulfide WS2 is a compound of tungsten and sulfide, black powder, insoluble in water and organic solvents, reacting with neither acid nor alkali besides the mixture of thick nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid. As a solid lubricant, tungst

Lubricants PPD (pour point depressant) / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

Brief introduction: T806 lubricant PPD is the copolymer of fumarateand vinyl acetate, which has good low-temperature flow ability and excellenteffect in dropping condensate. It can effective inhabit wax component inlubricant to form network structure at

door sealing strip/PVC seal / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

  Features : 1.Recyclable, economical 2.Flexible, non-toxic, pressure resistant, abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant    3.Convenient to use and maintain,Better flame retardation,low smoke,low poison.the of the product is st

Pc1344 Defoamer Petroleum Additives / Singapore Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

PC 1344 defoamer are used by MNC in their lubricant oil meet the ASTM 892 test sequence 1~4. An excellent additive for getting rid of foams generated during agitation.

Propylene glycol monooleate / China Chemical Auxiliary Agent for sale

  1. General This product is produced and marketed by Jiangsu haian Petro chemical plant. The units producing and marketing this product are certified according to Q/320621HA064. Appearance: Amber liquid Chemical Name: Propylene glycol monoolea