wholesale&retail Apple licensed bluetooth beacon

        wholesale&retail Apple licensed bluetooth beacon     Advantages : 2 times the battery life with CR2477 coin battery,24months based on default frequency of 900ms,tx power of 0dBm. Wi

New 2014 portable mini power supply wifi 3g router

portable power supply wifi 3g router
1.wireless Internet access
2.easy and convenient
3.strong compatibility
4.power supply

300Mbps POE Indoor Ceiling Wireless Access Point for Hotels, Restaurants, Business Office, Leisure

1)300Mbps Indoor Ceiling Access Point
2)64/128 bit WEP encryption
3)Support web-based configuration
4)48V DC POE power

home wifi wall mount access point

1.wired network signal transfer to Wi-Fi signal,speed up to 150M/S
2.RJ11,RJ45,USB port

GWF-3M05 150Mbps precise design wifi direct module

1.USB 2.0; 6-pin or 4-pin 2.0mm ; or 6-pin 2.0mm pitch male jumper
2.Peak rate: 150Mbps
3. 1T1R mode
4.Wifi direct
5.Soft AP

32 port sned sms wavecom q2403a gsm/gprs modem module

1.wireless module
2.inset 32 sim cards
3.USB/RS232/rj45 interface
4.Sending bulk sms mms

Remote Order Receipt Voucher Printer supports GPRS/GSM SMS

GPRS SMS Printer for air time topup/bill payment
1with aftersales & technical support
2DIY print order layout
3OEM ODM is ok

wholesale alibaba industrial smart wireless 3g wifi router with sim card slot

smart 3g wifi router
1.wireless Internet access
2.easy, convenient
3.strong compatibility
4.can be use as power supply

NEW 16 port mobile recharge gsm modem

moblie recharge gsm modem
Support AT command
1 year Warranty
Factory low price

High quality booster of mobile signal 3G

698-2700MHz omni-directional LTE panel Antenna
1.4G panel antenna
2.Broadband LTE panel Antenna.
3.high gain LTE antenna