COCOA BEAN / China Cocoa Beans for sale

Cocoa bean is mainly used to process various chocolate products, and is used in candies, beverage and baked food. It is normally processed into cocoa liquor, cocoapowder and cocoa butter before it's made into chocolate food.

Quality Cocoa Beans / Nigeria Cocoa Beans for sale

These beans are very dry cocoa beans ready for use.We have over 5000MT for sale at FOB price.With the consideration of the Nigerian food and drug administration and control requirements of less than 3% mould , max. 3% insect infestation or max 4% combined

Golden Cocoa Export / Philippines Cocoa Beans for sale

Discover the rich and distinctive flavour of our Cocoa Beans and rounded CocoaBeans from the Philippines. The cacao products are frown in a farmland where there is no pesticides and harmful chemicals used. We have used organic farming methods to maxi

Cocoa Beans / Switzerland Cocoa Beans for sale

  Specification Graining: 100pcs/100grm Fermentation: 80% minimum Fat: 35% minimum Moisture: 7.5% maximum Split Beans: 5% maximum Mouldy Beans: 5% maximum Germinatd: 5% madimum Infested

cocoa beans, coffee beans, cashew kernel / Cote d'ivoire Cocoa Beans for sale

We are a great cooperative society approved in the export of the cocoa and coffee in Ivory Coast. During this large nearest main crop 2010-2011 we seek a associate preferably a chocolate factory or an important importer for the marketing&nb

Coffee Ateng / Indonesia Coffee Beans for sale

Specifications Specifications: 1) Triage max.8% 2) Screen size: 15-19 3) Moisture max. 13% 4) Origin: Lintong Nihuta, Seribu Dolok, Dolok Sanggul (Sumatra) 5) Color: Fresh Green 6) Defect Value max. 11 (per 300 grams) 7) Height from s

Cocoa Beans From Uganda / Uganda Cocoa Beans for sale

We are the newly established company in Uganda with experience in trading and handling of Cocoa, Coffee and Vanilla beans for Exports  from Uganda . we would like to get in touch with a long term  buyer or producer of the abo

Colombia Cocoa/Cacao Bean Complete, Split, Raw or Roasted / United states Cocoa Beans for sale

  Colombia Cocao Bean - Can be Complete, Split  or Toasted   Data sheet Premium Moisture7%Impurities% Max1%Internal mold. Number of beans/100 beans Max              &n

Peru, Tumbes Single Origin Organic Cacao Beans / United states Cocoa Beans for sale

Beautiful single origin organic and fairly traded cacao from the Tumpis Co-op in Tumbes, Peru.  Very chocolaty notes.  Reminiscient of Carribean cacao.  These beans will produce a fine single origin or add depth and character to a blend.

Best Quality Roasted Cocoa Beans for Sale / Cote d'ivoire Cocoa Beans for sale

AZONE TRADE is based in Ivory Coast in West Africa and specialized in export of tropical goods such as cocoa products, coffee, Shea butter etc. The company is founded in 2010 but the owner has started the trading since 2003. Since than, AZONE TRADE is pr