insulation copper foil tape / China Other Copper for sale

insulation copper foil tape Shanghai Metal produces insulation copper foil tape  for our clients, and we manufacture flexible copper foils mainly for PCB field. We promise superior quality and quick delivery for each and every order. Specifica

99.99% Copper&PET Film Composite / China Other Copper for sale

99.99% Copper&PET Film Composite 1.Material:T2,99.99%,PET 2.Width:5-410mm 3.Thickness:0.01-0.90 All sizes can be customized   99.99% Copper&PET Film Composite   Specifications     Copper&PET&nb

Beryllium Copper Casting Alloys C17200 C17500 C17510 / China Other Copper for sale

  Designation: Beryllium Copper Casting Alloys C17200 C175009 C17510, i.e. Alloy 25, Alloy 10, Alloy 3   Shapes: Rods, Bars, Tubes, Pipes, Wires, Sheets, Plates   Application:   1. making non-sparking tools, electrode arm

Beryllium Copper Rod/Round / China Other Copper for sale

Beryllium Copper Rod/Round    Grade: Beryllium copper   Type: No sparking tools   Surface treatment: electrostatic spraying, natural color, passivation   Electro-pump for engine ,axletree, wearproof plate &

Injection Mold BeCu Alloy C17200 / China Other Copper for sale

Beryllium Copper High Performance alloys specifically designed for the plastic mould tooling industry, which would provide a unique combination of thermal conductivity and strength that provide important benefits for the molding process.   Typical

High purity Copper sputtering target 99.9999% / China Other Copper for sale

Item Name High Pure Copper Target Purity 99.995%,99.999%, 99.9999%   Shape Square /round, according to your request Available size Round: dia 25~250mm Rectangular: length up to 1500mm Customization is available Impurity content low

titanium clad copper / China Other Copper for sale

We are professional and leading manufacturer of Titanium clad Copper,Titanium clad steel etc for almost 10 years and offers a line of titanium clad copper materials using our unique explosive boning process and also we've been certified by ISO 9001:20

Cheap and good high quality copper tin alloy metal powder / China Other Copper for sale

  Application   Good abrasion resistance, toughness and strength. Widely used in diamond tools, powder metallurgy, oiling bearings, carbon brushes, friction materials, anti friction material, and abrasive material, electrical and electronic

Copper alloy powder / China Other Copper for sale

Copper content of about 80%, 20% of the cerium content. The method developed by diamond tools, bending strength, impact toughness, porosity and hardness of the four indicators have been close to or over did not add the response index of the rare earth ele

Copper Foil Tape ( Laminated Copper Foil Price C11000,C12200 for Cables, PCB, transformers etc.) / China Other Copper for sale

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leader in copper foil manufacturing with various worldwide applications. We pride ourselves in excellent quality products with competitive pricing and prompt delivery. Our group of competent engineers develops and improves