Bismuth Metal 99. 99% / South korea Bismuth Ingots for sale

Bismuth Metal 99.99%   Dear Sirs & Madams   We are looking for long term buyers for the Bi Metal. The details are as below. 1. Quantity: 5 -10MTS per month. 2. Specs: Bi 99.99% 3. Origin: S.Korea 4. Form: In billet 5. Paymen

Bismuth Ingot / China Bismuth Ingots for sale

Jianghua Jinhui Arsenic Co.,Ltd was founded in 2001 to meet a growing need for arsenic(99%min) used in many industry products such as storage battery,lead alloy and so on.The company now can supply about 150MT arsenic metal(99%min) per month.By now

Bismuth Metal, 99.99% min. / Canada Bismuth Ingots for sale

Bismuth Metal Ingots, 99.99% min. Bismuth Metal Needles, 99.99% min.   ---   Strategic Metal Investments Ltd. (SMI Ltd.) provides a reliable, cost-effective source of strategic and minor metals to companies operating in North America a

Bismuth / Vietnam Bismuth Ingots for sale

We are exporter Bismuth ingot 99.9% 10kg/ingot with capacity 2-3Mts/month

Bismuth / Chile Bismuth Ingots for sale

Bismuth ingots or needles, 99.997% min.   The full specifications are:   Bi     99.997% min Ag     0.0005% max Cu     0.0003% max Fe      0.0005% ma

bismuth ingots / China Bismuth Ingots for sale

bismuth ingots Shenzhen Jufeng Solder Co.,Ltd is specialized in producing and selling bismuth products.bismuth ingots is one of the best bismuth products.we can provide you bismuth with a pretty high quality and pretty high purity under a best price

bismuth / China Bismuth Ingots for sale

Bismuth Ingot, Purity 99.99%min

Bismuth ingot / China Bismuth Ingots for sale

We,LITOP,exports bismuth products to worldwide,products including:bismuth ingot, bismtuh powder,high purity bismuth   Features: Silver-white or Micro-red, Crisp, Conductivity and thermal conductivity are poor. Melting Point: 271.3 B